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Year 5

In Year Five we foster a caring, stimulating environment where pupils can learn in a place filled with happiness and mutual respect.

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Our school values are taught throughout our curriculum and continuously remind pupils how to further develop their personal, social and emotional development.

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Experience is  the teacher of  all things. 

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Julius Caesar

We prioritise the well-being of our pupils and aim to create strong relationships where our pupils can openly discuss their thoughts and feelings and know that they will always be listened to and made to feel safe.


We hope for our pupils to be much more independent in Year Five and we focus highly on growing the children’s mindset. When children stumble across more difficult challenges both academically and socially we work hard with our pupils to support them in overcoming hurdles. We believe in doing so it will prepare them to tackle many different situations and scenarios both in and outside of the classroom and support them in becoming great citizens within our society. 


In Year Five we have designed our curriculum using the national curriculum and building upon vital knowledge and skills acquired in KS1 and KS2. Our pupils continue to learn through carefully chosen topics. Throughout these topics children will be exposed frequently to a variety of subjects including Maths, English, Art, Design Technology, Science, Music, PE, History, Religious Studies and Geography.


Below you will find curriculum letters and knowledge organisers for each topic. These documents outline what your child will learn each half term. It also outlines what a typical day looks like for our Year Five children and contact information for your child’s class teacher. You will also find a long term plan which outlines which topics your child will be learning about throughout the course of their academic year.




Shang Dynasty




Ancient Egypt



Queen Costume


Knowledge Organiser

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