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School Meals

It has been shown that when children eat a healthy, nutritious lunch their concentration and learning is better in the afternoon. It also has the added benefit of teaching children more about social interaction and encouraging them to try new and exciting foods.


For those parents who have children with specific food allergies, intolerances or cultural needs, please contact the school office to make them aware of your child’s needs and discuss how your child can enjoy delicious free school meals along with all their class mates and the choices available.

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Imagine a world  where every child was  educated about how  amazing food is. 

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Jamie Oliver

Universal Infant Free School Meals

Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all have a school dinner. This is compulsory unless they have a specific medical need not to. This is free through Universal School Meals funding. We have a team of talented cooks who work hard in our own school kitchen. They provide a very balanced menu with four meal options per day. Children select their lunch option as part of registration each morning and are then given a band in the colour corresponding to their choice. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s meal choice with them in advance.

School Meals for Children in Year 3 - 6

Pupils in Year 3 – 6 may bring a packed lunch or have a school dinner. The cost of school dinners is £2.50 per day and can be paid via ParentPay. If your child brings in a packed lunch from home, this needs to be balanced and healthy. Please avoid sending your child to school with any bars of chocolate, packets of sweets or fizzy drinks. At RFPS we teach and encourage healthy eating and hope that parents support us in this. We do not want to ban certain food items as we believe in parental choice, however, please be aware of the effect that sugar highs and lows have on concentration, learning and behaviour. If your child brings grapes into school as part of their lunch or at snack time, these need to be cut up length ways. We have a strict NO NUTS POLICY due to having children with serious, airborne nut allergies.


School lunch menus run on a three week rotation. Please find attached our latest menus. Lunch Menu 2021-22

Pupil Premium

If you think you may be entitled to help towards free school meals, please click here.

School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme

The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) is a government programme that entitles every child in England, aged 4-6 in fully state-funded schools to a piece of fruit or vegetable each school day, this equates to approximately 2.3m children in approximately 16,300 schools. The scheme was introduced following the NHS Plan, launched in 2000, which included a commitment to implement a national fruit and vegetable scheme by 2004. The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme is funded by the Department of Health.

The Scheme is part of the national 5 A DAY programme. Fruit and vegetables are key to a healthy lifestyle and it is recommended that children eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Research has indicated that on average children in England only eat around three portions daily, with many eating fewer.

Children in years 3 through to year 6 can still enjoy fruit and vegetables at break time but this must be brought in from home. Please ensure this is fruit and vegetables only and nuts must not be included and is separate from their packed lunch.

Cool Milk in School

Our school provides a milk scheme that gives all children under five FREE milk. Our milk is provide by Cool Milk who supply us with fresh, cool, dairy milk cartons. At this time this is only dairy milk and does not include other milk to cater for allergies & intolerances. Children under five will automatically be offered milk once they start with us and this will stop on their 5th birthday. If your child is over five and you would like them to receive daily milk in school, then please complete the application form below and send directly to Cool Milk. This is chargeable at around £14 per term which can be paid for termly or annually. More details are available here: https://www.coolmilk.com/

Lunch times are supervised in the hall by our team of Teaching Assistants and Sports Coaches, who know the children and can encourage them to eat well.