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Welcome to RFPS

Rugby Free Primary is a 4 – 11 school serving pupils from the local community. The school opened in 2015 with just 42 pupils in Reception and will reach its full capacity with 420 pupils from Years R – 6 in September 2021.


The school is part of the Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow (LT2) Trust. Our sister school in the Trust is Rugby Free Secondary School which is located on the other side of Rugby to us. The Trust and our Local Governing Body provide us with the support and challenge to grow and develop.

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Collaboration allows  us to know more than  we are capable of  knowing ourselves. 

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Paul Solarz

RFPS was set up as a free school by LT2 and is an academy. This means we are free from local authority control and are financed directly by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). However, we work very closely with Warwickshire Local Authority to ensure that our pupils and their families are fully supported. We are a non-selective and non-denomination school and welcome pupils of all genders, religions, faiths and backgrounds. As an academy, we don’t have to but we choose to follow the National Curriculum. We have Ofsted inspections and statutory assessments like all other state schools and are governed by the same laws e.g. admissions, SEND etc


We work closely with other schools in the local area and are part of the Hillmorton Teaching School Alliance. We also liaise closely with local nurseries and secondary schools to ensure effective transition for our pupils.

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The belief that hard work is needed to achieve something we can be proud of

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The ability to recover quickly and learn from the difficulties we face

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To appreciate the importance of understanding and admiration for others and self

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A strong desire to know and learn

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The belief that working and learning with others will lead to greater success

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The quality of friendliness, generosity, consideration, honesty

Our Core Values

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