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Who's Who?

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A team is not a group of  people who work together.  A team is a group of people  who trust each other. 

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Miss R Butters (Lead DSL)

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C Colledge (DSL and English Lead)

Assistant Headteachers

Miss E Finch (DSL)

Mrs B Sareen (DSL, Maths Lead and EVC)

Reception Class Teachers

Mrs A Armstrong (EYFS Phase Leader and Library/Home Reading Lead)

Miss L Calcutt (DSL, SENDCo and Geography Lead)

Mrs J Hammond (RE Lead)

Mrs J Dankaro (Currently on maternity leave)

Year 1 Class Teachers

Mrs G Costello (Phonics/Early Reading Lead)

Miss T Wasik 

Year 2 Class Teachers

Miss A Tyler (Year 1 & 2 Phase Leader and Co-PE Lead)

Miss A Cox (Co-PE Lead)

Mrs K Swain (PSHE Lead) (Currently on maternity leave)

Miss K Taylor (Design & Technology Lead)

Year 3 Class Teachers

Miss R Chisem (Year 3/4 Phase Leader, Computing and Co-Music Lead)

Mr M Lovelock (Co-Music Lead)

Miss L Gale 

Year 4 Class Teachers

Mrs B Sareen 

Mrs S Morgan (MFL Lead)

Miss H Plimmer (Currently on maternity leave) 

Year 5 Class Teachers

Mrs L Wilson (Year 5 & 6 Phase Leader and History Lead)

Miss D Rea

Mrs K Swain (PSHE Lead) (Currently on maternity leave)

Year 6 Class Teachers

Mrs C Colledge

Miss E Finch

Miss L Lydiatt (Art & Design Lead)

Cover teacher 

Miss L Hartnett

Teaching Assistants

Miss E Barnes

Mrs H Bhavsar

Miss S Bishop

Mrs F Bristo

Mrs K Coburn

Miss J Dall

Mrs N Davison

Miss K Dawes

Miss G Dimmock (Currently on maternity leave)

Miss R Dormon

Miss G Ede

Miss G Jordan

Mrs P Matharoo

Mrs B Mistry (HLTA)

Mrs R Panchal

Mrs K Pollitt

Miss C Smith

Mrs R Spiers (HLTA) 

Mrs L Stuart (HLTA)

Mrs C Townsend

Mrs K Wesley

Child and Family Support Worker

Mrs C Vural (DSL)

Support Staff

Mrs C Cole (School Operations Manager)

Mrs E Odwell (Admin Support)

Miss M Cox (Receptionist & Admin Support)

Mr D McPherson (Premises Officer)

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