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At RFPS, our curriculum is underpinned by the values and knowledge which we are equipping pupils with to succeed in life beyond their primary education. Central to this are the key academic, personal and vocational skills which prepare our pupils for the next stage of their lives.


Our pupils are a representation of our society in which there are differing preferences, interests and experiences however our commonality at RFPS is how we yearn to achieve both academic and personal successes and then celebrate our successes together.

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We believe in helping  engender an appreciation  of human creativity and  achievement. 

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Underpinning our curriculum is essential knowledge and skills taken from the National Curriculum which we believe our pupils will acquire sequentially throughout their time at RFPS. We believe in helping engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. We believe in teaching a broad and balanced curriculum where all subjects are valued therefore we chose to deliver these through topics. Topics allow children to explore an area in depth, making links between subjects and providing our pupils with memorable experiences which will stay with them for life.  We know that our pupils learn in different ways therefore we aim to engage, develop and innovate lessons to support each individual pupil. We provide opportunities for pupils to express their knowledge in a way which allows them to recall, revisit or further investigate areas of learning and as a result; keep learning at the heart of everything that we do. 

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Whole School Curriculum Map – 2020 – 2021