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Design Technology

At Rugby Free Primary school, we aim to provide an engaging and purposeful design and technology curriculum that encourages children to be thoughtful, bold and creative in their learning.


Throughout the D&T curriculum at RFPS children will be challenged to identify existing problems and develop their own solutions that they will be able to follow through and evaluate, so as to give their learning a purpose and personal ownership which provides a powerful impetus to be engaged and succeed.

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We believe in helping  engender an appreciation  of human creativity and  achievement. 

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They will learn the skills and knowledge required to plan effectively, to build carefully and to evaluate critically so that their products and designs are the best they can be. Each D&T task will build upon the skills they have learned so far, extending their understanding and introducing new skills that allow them to build a comprehensive toolkit of D&T knowledge for their future. Children will have opportunities to explore the wider areas of D&T with well-implemented projects that take advantage of strong cross-curricular links with the core subjects of writing, maths and science.

We hope to empower the children at RFPS to have a strong belief in their own abilities, to approach their learning with passion and in depth thinking and to consider their futures in design and technology, for through an exciting, purposeful and engaging D&T curriculum they may become the next generation of innovators who shape the world and make it a better place for those who follow.