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Family Support Information

At Rugby Free Primary School, we believe that happy children learn best and that supporting the wellbeing of children and families is a crucial part of what we do.

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We have a dedicated Family and Children’s Support Worker which enables us to work with children and families when issues arise. This could be as simple as a misunderstanding with friends or could be a more complex issue such as a bereavement or change in family circumstances. It may be that support is needed for a short while or it may be a longer process.

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Every family fits together  differently. 

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We can offer suggestions and advice for individuals and families on behaviour management, boundaries and routines, healthy eating, e-safety and school attendance along with many other concerns which may arise. We can support families who are going through difficult times including: relationship breakdown, bereavement, mental wellbeing and financial hardship. As well as offering in-school support, we can also refer and signpost to other services available for children and families in Warwickshire.

If you need to contact our Family and Children’s Support Worker to discuss any concerns you may have, need advice accessing further support or if you simply want to come in and have an informal chat over a cuppa, please contact Mrs Vural directly on or leave a message with the school office.


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