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Friends of RFPS (PTA)

Friends of Rugby Free Primary School is the equivalent to a PTA.  They are a group of parents, relatives, friends and members of the local community who help to co-ordinate and stage events at the school throughout the year.

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They work with the school to organise events and activities which raise funds and promote a community spirit within the school community.  The money raised contributes towards providing additional opportunities and resources for the children at RFPS. 

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Alone, we can do so little;  together we can do so  much. 

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Helen Keller

Friends of RFPS hold a variety of events throughout the year including discos, Christmas Fair, quiz nights, Summer Fairs.  Funds raised have helped to provide extra things which school could not have afforded otherwise such as trips, travelling theatre, books for the library, playground markings and specialist furniture etc. All of these additional items/experiences have had a big impact on the children and made their educational experience at RFPS that much better! Our next ideas of what to spend the fundraising money on are: A computer suite, an Artist visit for a day and more musical instruments.


The team are always very pleased to welcome new members and being part of Friends of RFPS is a fun and rewarding experience.  If you are interested in joining the friendly team, please email or join our Facebook group via the link Friends of RFPS on Facebook.  We would love to hear from you and any time or skills that you can offer us would be greatly appreciated.

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