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Online Safety

E-Safety is the way we keep safe whilst online, being kind and helping make the internet a better place.

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The internet is an amazing place where we can find out information, play games and communicate with our friends and family- it is really important we stay safe whilst doing so.

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Safety doesn't happen  by accident. 

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What do we do at school?

Every year we learn about different aspects of e-safety and participate in national safer internet day in February. We will learn about cyberbullying, personal information, and how to get help if you’re worried, among many other things. Ask your teacher what you’re going to learn about!

Why is it important?

We use technology more and more from gaming and video chatting to text messaging and completing homework. It is vital we all learn how to be safe and enjoy our time spent online.


Research shows that each year some children don’t always feel safe online and are unsure what to do. It is our job along with parents to help teach everyone how to keep safe.


- are you old enough to access that game/website? Check the age ratings

- does your parent know what you are doing? Always share your activity with them.

- If you feel worried always tell a trusted adult. This could be someone at home or school or both!


The best advice for any parent is to know what your child’s activity online is and to be able to talk about it with them. Start the conversation, ask your child what their favourite things to do are. Click on the attachment for some useful tips and further links.  

useful websites for more information


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ESafety Advice

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