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It's not about ideas,  it's about making it  happen. 

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Pupil Leadership


Pupil Power

At Rugby Free Primary School we recognise the importance of pupils having a voice in the running of our school. We understand that by working with our children, we can see the school from their perspective allowing our school to go from strength to strength.


Pupil Parliament

Three children in each year group can apply for a role in our Pupil Parliament. They present their credentials and are democratically elected by their classmates each September. Our Pupil Parliament members have an important responsibility to represent the views of their peers. They will attend regular meetings with the PSHE lead or senior member of staff to air their views and to suggest improvements. They make real changes and get things done!


Other pupil leadership opportunities

We also encourage children at our school to apply for roles such as digital leaders, sports leaders, eco-warriors and to be part of an enterprise team, setting up their own businesses. We understand that part of a child’s educational journey is to hold responsibility, see democracy in action and make a real difference. At Rugby Free Primary School we regularly ask children to feedback to us about their education, truly valuing the feedback that only they can give us.

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