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The teaching of English at Rugby Free Primary school is geared towards enabling each pupil to develop their learning by aspiring to be the best they can possibly be, achieve their goals and then challenging themselves even further.

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The English curriculum aims to develop language skills in four different areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The school’s aim is that each child should achieve the highest level of performance which he or she is capable of in every aspect of English.

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We believe in helping  engender an appreciation  of human creativity and  achievement. 

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At Rugby Free Primary School, we aim to inspire and empower our pupils by providing a language-rich environment that promotes a culture of communication, reading and writing and enables the development of skills through a range of creative and engaging approaches. 

We ensure that our pupils are exposed to a wide range of age-appropriate literature, beginning in the Early Years Foundation Stage and continuing through Key Stages One and Two. At RFPS,  we teach specific reading skills through systematic phonics, guided and whole class reading lessons.  In addition, learning in English lessons is text driven and fuelled by 'The Power of Reading' and 'Literacy Shed', in order to fully immerse our children and deepen learning experiences.  Through these schemes and a wealth of other exposure to quality texts, we encourage children to develop a love for reading, which will not only support their learning across the curriculum, but also enrich their lives and improve wellbeing.


English Whole School Texts LTP 2023-2024

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