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School Uniform

Compulsory logo’d items of school uniform e.g. tie, blazer, rucksack and PE bag must be ordered and bought via the school office. 


All other common items such as shirts, trousers/skirts, jumpers/cardigans and polo shirts can be purchased from any stores.

Main Uniform









  1. RFPS grey school blazer

  2. Red v-neck jumper or cardigan

  3. RFPS school tie

  4. White, long or short sleeved shirt

  5. Grey school trousers, skirt or pinafore dress

  6. Black school shoes

  7. White or grey socks, grey or red tights

  8. RFPS rucksack (see main picture at top)









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People in uniform always  look so great! 

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Andy Warhol

Summer Uniform

(to be worn in the Summer term only – after Easter holidays until end of school year)

  • RFPS grey school blazer
  • Red checked dress
  • Grey shorts, white short sleeved shirt and tie

What to put in your rucksack

Children will need an RFPS rucksack. Children will need to bring;

  • a water bottle, clearly named and filled with WATER only. This will be sent home at the end of the day to be washed and refilled.
  • spare underwear and socks/tights

Children will be given a reading book(s) and a Home Reading Record Book. These must be brought into school every day.

Children should not bring additional items to school as these can easily get lost and distract children from their learning.

Blazers & outdoor coats

Children will need their blazer in school every day. They will need to wear their blazer for assembly and other formal occasions. During the day, especially when taking part in messy play, blazers will be taken off.

Children will need an outdoor coat appropriate to the weather conditions. A red RFPS weatherproof coat is available, but is not a compulsory item of uniform. Children will need sun hats and sun cream as appropriate in the summer. Please apply sun cream before bringing the children to school as we cannot do this at school.


Long hair must be tied back. Girls may wear one pair of small gold or silver studs. These will need to be taken out or covered for P.E., so it is more convenient if they don’t wear them at all. Children may wear a sensible watch, but no other jewellery unless it is of specific religious significance. No nail varnish or make up should be worn at school.


All items must be clearly labelled. Items do occasionally go missing at school. We will only be able to help you in finding items if they are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Please also refresh this if their name starts to fade or any name stickers fall off.

Lost Property

Items which are found but do not have a name label will be placed in Lost Property. This is located in the Family Room (next to the main school office).

RFPS PE kit bags

Children should bring a named RFPS PE kit bag containing a complete set of PE Kit on the first day of term. These will be kept in school and sent home each half term and end of term for washing. RFPS PE kit bags can be purchased from the school office.

The PE kit bag should contain:

  • White polo shirt
  • Spare pair white/grey ankle socks
  • Black shorts (indoor PE)
  • Black Velcro/slip on pumps (indoor PE)
  • Plain black tracksuit (or black joggers with plain black sweatshirt or hoodie) (outdoor PE)
  • Black or white trainers (outdoor PE)


Garment Care Instructions


Guide to Measuring


Uniform Order Form