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Starting School

At Rugby Free Primary School, we believe it is incredibly important that children make a happy and settled start to their school life.

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We want children to be excited about beginning their school journey with us and parents to feel informed and confident every step of the way.

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You're off to great places! 

Today is your day! 

Your mountain is waiting so...  get on your way! 

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Dr Seuss

So you can make an informed choice about sending your child to us, we conduct regular tours of our lovely school so you can see for yourself the children at work. Once you have received confirmation of your child’s school place, we will be in touch with you to arrange a home visit. This allows us to meet your child in the environment where they feel most comfortable. It is an opportunity for parents to discuss your child and to ask questions about school life. It is a really valuable first opportunity to begin building the relationship between your child, family and our school, something which is so important to us.


During the summer term before your child begins school, we will hold a parent’s information meeting and invite children for a play session in the Reception classroom. This is so helpful for children to visualise the setting and meet staff. You will be able to order specific items of uniform directly from the school during this time in preparation for September. We will also liaise with local nurseries children have attended to gain an understanding of their personalities, attainment and needs.


In September, we will plan a staggered start for our Reception children during the first week. Children will attend school for shorter sessions at first, will then stay for lunch building up to a full days by the end of week one. We will let you know the timing of these days. Children do become physically and emotionally tired when they start school. Even when they are used to full days at nursery, the emotional demands of beginning school can be exhausting. We work hard to ensure the children have a settled beginning with us and become used to the setting and its routines as quickly as possible.


Parent & Carer Handbook 2023-2024

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