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Top 100 Reads

At Rugby Free School, we are PASSIONATE about reading.  We want our school to be a place where children are read to, enjoy, discuss and work with high quality books. These ‘essential reads’ would be a store of classics, creating a living library inside a child’s mind.

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Our aim is to instil in our children a love of reading. We want them to appreciate the MAGIC of a good book and build up a foundation of quality literature as they progress through our school. We have used the Pie Corbett Reading Spine, along with other additions which we felt were pertinent for our pupils, to create the “RFPS Top 100 Reads.” 

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Pie Corbett says...

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You can find magic  wherever you look.  Sit back and relax,  all  you need is a  book. 

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Great books build the imagination. The more we read aloud expressively, and the more children are able to savour, discuss and reinterpret literature through the arts, the more memorable the characters, places and events become, building an inner world. A child who is read to will have an inner kingdom of unicorns, talking spiders and a knife that cuts into other worlds. The mind is like a ‘tardis’; it may seem small but inside there are many mansions. Each great book develops the imagination and equips the reader with language.

Great stories speak to us as individuals and some children will return to certain books again and again. Great stories also build our language because around 75 per cent of our vocabulary comes from our reading. Reading develops the ability to think in the abstract; to follow lines of thought. Schools that have a reading spine, build a common bank of stories that bind the community together. These are shared and deeply imagined common experiences.

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