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At Rugby Free Primary School, the pupils are introduced to our school values which we believe support the development of each child’s personal, social and emotional development.

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We provide children with opportunities for child initiated play by creating an environment that enables children to learn independently and collaboratively with their peers. 

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Experience is  the teacher of  all things. 

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Julius Caesar

In planning and guiding children’s activities, we reflect on the different ways that children learn and put these into our practise so that all children can showcase their learning in a happy environment.

We have designed our EYFS curriculum through the use of broad and balanced topics which we believe promote awe, wonder and enthusiasm for our pupils. We plan for memorable experiences which builds curiosity for learning. Topics have been chosen to follow children’s interests and promote a love for learning. Staff assess children using Development Matters as it ensures we can track progression and have continuity from nursery settings to our EYFS setting. By using Development Matters, we can ensure pupil’s knowledge and skills are progressing no matter their starting point.

The Development Matters Framework consists of 3 Prime Areas (Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development) and 4 Specific Areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts & Design). At the end of the Reception year, each child is assessed against the Early Learning Goals. If meeting the Early Learning Goals they will have reached a ‘Good Level of Development’.

In addition, we believe relationships with Parents and Carers are crucial in ensuring we have a well-rounded picture of the child. Therefore, we work in close partnership with Parents and Carers to ensure consistency in approach and expectation between home and school.

Below you will find curriculum letters and knowledge organisers which outline what your child will learn each half term. It also outlines what a typical day looks like for our Reception children and contact information for your child’s class teacher. You will also find a long term plan which outlines which topics your child will be learning about throughout the course of their academic year.

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